angeline young
(artist website)

performance artist/choreographer/writer...

....also hummingbird, lion, butterfly, ladybug, & lone wolf

HOMETOWN: San Francisco, CA

CURRENT STATUS: PhD Student in International Letters and Cultures
(Italian & Chinese language); emphasis: Italian street dance performance/labor. (ASU)

MFA Dance (Arizona State University)
BA Music; Dance minor (UC Berkeley)

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Critical dance/performance studies; corporeal discourses in street performance, interculturalism, the Asian body, migration, transnationality. Rhetoric; space, labor, power. Kinesthetic narratives (both written and performed). Intercultural dance pedagogy, critical ethnography, action research methodology.

MOVEMENT STUDIES: Afro-Haitian dance (Blanche Vitero, Michelle Martin), taiji, taiko (Bruce Ghent), Feldenkrais-based ballet (Augusta Moore), ballet (Marika Bruseel), Graham technique (Chris Dolder), Cunningham-based modern (Carol Murota), West African (Mama Naomi Diouf), Horton (Derrick  Minter), jazz, release technique (Elizabeth Burrit, Elis Wood), improvisation, Alexander, BodyMind Centering, yoga. FAMILIAR WITH: wushu martial arts (Bryan Fong), tap (Sam Weber), hula, Afro-Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, hip-hop (Allan Frias), contemporary Maori dance.

MY PERFORMANCE WORK: I am an artist before I am a academic, although I love to produce performative and scholarly works that are accessible to ordinary people, particularly those who may not have had the experience of studying dance or attending college. I believe that all people possess cultural, political and social capital through their everyday experiences of being human. Our living in the world is a performative act. That said, my creative process is informed by improvisation based on personal narrative, written accounts of lived experiences.  In rehearsal, I talk-out my feelings/thoughts/ideas to find it in the physical movement; sometimes the movement comes first and the meaning follows, changes, and mutates as the piece begins to take shape, shaping the movement and the way that I feel/think.  I like to work backwards, sideways, in the round, and in no particular pattern until I can identify a path. Sometimes I think the work is good, sometimes I think it is not so good, but usually I think there is always room for improvement. Sometimes I dread performing because of stage-fright- a residue of my childhood when I was forced to perform - but ultimately, I believe that performance and in particular DANCE allows us as humans to do more together. As an artist, I always feel that I can do more and say more working with other people in creative process  than I can do on my own with my own body.  I approach the body as a living, fleshly archive and I prefer unorthodox performance spaces and creative partners

Pan Asian Dance Performance Coalition
Founder/Artistic Director